Top 3 Reasons To Hire A Professional Auckland Carpet Cleaning Service

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Hiring A Professional Auckland Carpet Cleaning Service

One of the best ways of keeping up the appearance of your is hiring an Auckland professional carpet cleaning service. This not only ensures your carpets look good, but that they are also properly clean, free from harmful germs and dirt. Even though vacuum cleaning regularly does get rid of dirt and dust in your home, there will still be some that remain stuck in the carpet’s fibres., plus germs and the like especially if you have pets in your home. This dust and germs could lead to allergies and/or many health problems.

Professional Auckland Carpet Cleaning Service

Not only does a dirty carpet remind you of the dirty paws of your favourite pet, but could also lead to discolouration and stains on your carpet if it is not cleaned properly. Apart from all of that, below are three reasons that should make you consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

1. So Much More Powerful

If you have had your carpets professionally cleaned before, you will already have an idea of how loud it can get when a professional carpet cleaner gets to work on our carpets.  They will use a much more powerful vacuum cleaner for the initial cleaning than the average home-owner will have available.  The motors and tools used are much more powerful, and this vacuum cleaning alone can make your carpets look better.  It will certainly suck up the fine grains of dust that get lodged deep in the pile of your carpets.

They will then use a professional-grade carpet cleaner itself.  This is also more powerful than the ones you can hire from the local supermarket or DIY store.  These carpet cleaners can quickly and easily remove most stains and marks that you might have been struggling to get rid of yourself.

If there are particularly tough stains like curry for instance, that the carpet cleaning machine cannot completely clean, a professional carpet cleaning service will have suitable cleaning agents to attack these marks. They will be able to make your carpets look like new, apart from any wear and tear of course.

Curry stain on a carpet

Curry stain before

Curry stain after

2. Time Saver Due To The Carpet Cleaner’s Experience and Expertise

For any type of job, it is best to hire professionals; this also holds with carpet cleaners. Besides the professionals having better equipment as discussed above, they know what they are doing rather than having to find out or even guess as they go along. And with carpets being so expensive, you do not want to make any errors or cause any damage to your floor covering.

For example, if you try to remove stains on your carpet by rubbing, you will actually cause more harm than good.  The natural action is to rub at a stain but this will quickly damage the structure of your carpet and cause the fibres to fall out leaving a bald patch on your carpet.

It’s equally as important to make sure that you do not clean the carpet with too much water.  Not only will it take much longer to dry, there is a real risk of the growth of mildew and mould. Not only is mould unsightly, but it can cause respiratory problems for your family, especially young ones.

Professional carpet cleaners will not only do a better job than a well-meaning amateur but hey will do it much quicker too.

3. Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Give You Peace of Mind and Improve Comfort

A professionally carpet will immediately add a brand-new look and feel to your home.  Not only will your carpets look brighter and fresher, but your home will smell cleaner too.  Besides dirt, food smells and pet odours will accumulate in the fibres of the carpet. It grows gradually so you don’t notice it happening but what you do notice is the refreshing, clean smell in your house after a top-quality carpet clean.

Regular vacuuming won’t remove those accumulations of smells and odours but a professional carpet cleaning service will. The basic comfort of your home will be increased immediately all with little effort on your part. You will be proud to invite people into your home again.

Environmental carpet cleaning

If you haven’t had your carpets cleaned professionally for a year or more, give us a call on 972 2462.  Not only are we one of Auckland’s top carpet cleaners, we are also the most environmentally committed carpet cleaning service too.


Posted on July 18, 2019

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